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Supi Shoes

We would like to introduce the Supi Shoes.

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From the moment of first standing up starts the holding function including the development of the feet, ankles and legs. A weak ankle might bend inwards due to strain from bodymass resulting in an unphysiologic strain on the on the knees, hips and spinal joints. As time goes by this will result on inflammation, deformation and deterioration of the joints. Most of the adult joint and bone disorders accure from this stage. The key to a healthy bone development is to insure the stable and right position of the feet, ankles and heels in the childhoods most intensive period.
The Supi Shoes indicates a health restoring correctional base structure footware suitable of providing a correct position for the developing leg bones. This insures a healthy strain accured by body mass on the foot and joints. The construction of footware provides a stabil position and an exercise for the musculature of the foot sole during the stepping procedure. Presentation primal elements of the basic structure of the correctional and health insuring footware inicated by the Supi Shoes. A shoeheel bent towards the outer side and is led lengthwise on the inside insures a correct position and support of the heelbones and the ankles. The shoeheel is made from a shape-and sizeholding, deteriorationproof material with a shape and size stabilizing technology. The endurable material and the desing of the cortex provides the hold and the support for the correctly positioned bone structure. The posterior stiltening of the cortex relieves the Achilles tendon, its sides led ahead lenghtwise and symmetrically provide a stable position for the bones. The special shoeheel and cortex combine in a structure thus ensuring the upper said advantages. Advantages Provides a healthy development for a child's skeletal system. Preventable the most of the adult joint and bone disordes. The upper said parts combined in a structure built in the product consist in the Supi Shoes.

The Healthy Shoes for Children helps the development of children's feet and the formation of the muscles. The fore lined, strong shell, the side-leant heels make the walking comfortable, and hinder splay-foot. The wide and round toe-part, the straight inside, the unsupported inside structure /without arch supporter /, helps the free move of the feet, and facilitates the strengthen of therm. The Supi Shoes made of natural, soft material-ensures the all-day comfortable wearing, and the good natural ventillation. The wide enlighted structure and the sole makes free and easy walk possible. Wearing is advised from the first steps till adolescence.

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