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Dr Sandor Kurti

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Dr Sandor Kurti
Title Doctor’s degree of mathematical statistical analysis
Profession Engineer of automatization
Present position President
Company KURT Computer Co.
Business address Peterhegyi ut 98, 1112 Budapest, Hungary
tel:+361 228 54 10, fax:+361 2285414
Education 1971 Veszprem University of Chemistry
Graduation on the faculty of Process Automation
1975 Diploma in system manager engineering
1989 - KURT Computer
1989 Foundation of KURT Computer Ltd.
Development of hard disk repair technology
Development of data recovery technology
Development of FlatStack technology
1998 Foundation of KURT Computer Share Company
Development of data security technology
1971 - 1988 Danubian Oil Refinery
1979 International Research Institute MNIIPU (Moscow,SU)
Mathematical simulation of blending system
1984 HONEYWELL (Bracknell, UK)
Simulation of the process control system of a catalytic crack plant
Languages English, Russian
Awards (2004) Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The Year international business award
(2004) Healthy Workplace AmCham Award
(2004) Széchenyi Prize
(2003) Innovation Award
(2003) Award for Competitive Product Development
(2002) Award for Business Ethics
(1998) Gábor Dénes Prize
(1997, 1998) The IT Manager of the Year Award
(1995) Kalmár László Prize
(1994) Grand Prix of Innovation in Hungary

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