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Arpad Gregory Toth

Arpad Gregory Toth

Intelligent Digital Horizon
Oakton, Virginia, USA
Office: 703-938-2027
Cell: 703-608-8640
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Arpad Toth, is a globally recognized technologist, inventor and business executive in the fields of converged homeland / physical security protection, “safe and smart cities”, wired and wireless communications, digital image and video.

Arpad brings a wealth of technology and business development experience plus executive leadership skills to IDH TECHNOLOGIES a Consulting Company that he helped founding in 2006 and now he has just re-launched it. IDH mission is to be the go-to partner to its clients in complex IT, homeland/physical security, smart cities, image and video businesses. IDH dispenses consulting and advisory services to investment firms, small and mid-size companies in the USA and internationally. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with global impact; an innovator and result-driven executive who has a history of maximizing team performance, profits and savings. He has successfully worked on expanding businesses internationally, developing breakthrough inventions, and leading diverse teams, in cooperation with investment firms and companies seeking advisory and Board leadership.  His interest as president is to advise clients in system architecture and integration, business development, and strategic planning. He intends to grow the business by focusing on special clients and programs.

Prior to IDH (between Dec. 2010 and Sept. 2012), he was with PowerWave Corporation as Director of Global Business Development . Arpad was managing the company's Washington D.C. executive office with focus on Federal Government business for advanced wireless communications. He was the subject matter expert in homeland security, public safety and physical security protection solutions that result in the implementation of new 4G/LTE applications for the Government market. He was also driving the efforts behind PowerWave's global growth strategy, established the company's credibility with system integrators, wireless carriers, and specialized security solution providers. Arpad also contributed to establish PowerWave presence in high growth international markets.

In September 2009, he rejoined GTSI as Chief Solutions Architect . His prime responsibilities included leadership in technology capability, solution plan and technical architecture development plus business strategy of new “mega-opportunities” for Federal and State – Local Governments. In particular Arpad has been intimately involved in developing winning multi-company multi-million dollar program proposals for the DHS (EAGLE-II) and the NIH (NITAAC CIO-SP3) programs.

From 2006 to 2009, Arpad was co-founder and CEO of ALACERA International, a spin-off from GTSI , responsible for managing global growth in providing solutions and services for converged homeland / physical security protection, integrated building systems/automation/energy management, technology and products leadership and development of global alliances with vendor partners in the IT and physical security fields. He demonstrated exceptional leadership through co-founding of international operations with offices in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the USA ; headed numerous safety and security protection projects in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia; formed and chaired international industry consortium to oversee homeland / physical security business opportunities in these countries . He was chair of the Alacera International Consortium. The Board of Advisors included top security experts and industry leaders of our nation, including former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, Retired General James Jamerson president of Lockheed Martin Mid-East operation, Jim Leto former CEO of GTSI, as well as former DHS Chief Security Officer Jack Johnson (now partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP) and former DHS Chief Information Officer Steve Cooper (now CIO at FAA). Alacera partners included Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems, Schneider Electric / Pelco, ICX Technologies / FLIR, Ridge Global, PWC, Adesta, Ross & Baruzzini, Argonne National Laboratory, Atheeb Group of Companies - Saudi Arabia, and few specialized security solutions providers.

While being in the Mid-East, Arpad headed numerous IT-enabled security related projects, Under his leadership Alacera and its consortium prepared complex multi-year, multi-company project proposal for security of new city of 2.5 million in Saudi Arabia; developed business proposal for an Academy named Technology Security Experience Center (TSEC) for R&D and training for advancement of homeland security protection techniques, services, and solutions in Saudi Arabia and throughout the GCC region. TSEC was targeted to train up to 5,000 professionals annually. Arpad held numerous executive presentations to international executive audience in the USA and the GCC; became a trusted advisor to SAGIA (Saudi Arabian Government Investment Agency) contributed to the Saudi New Economic Cities Security Master Plan.

Prior to co-founding Alacera in 2006, Arpad was Chief Technology Officer for GTSI . He was responsible for overall IT, homeland/physical security, and force protection technology leadership within the company. He was also the Chairman of the GTSI Technology Council ensuring that the company's solution development and integration align with new technology-driven capabilities and government customer demand. Arpad was also the founder and chairman of the GTSI-sponsored InteGuard Alliance , a group of more than 60 corporations in the physical security field, which provided trusted physical security protection services to governments. As the former head of the GTSI Physical Security Protection (PSP) technology practice, Arpad helped creating a profitable operation with $60M revenue in three years. He led the team that provided the security protection master plan for the U.S. Federal Government Department of Homeland Security first Head Quarters complex; was also heading a multi-company team to design and implement the first automated video surveillance system for a Super Bowl event (2005, Jacksonville, FL). He was also involved in numerous physical security projects including university campuses, hospitals, macro urban development project of the city of Baltimore, and airports, etc.

Arpad created and published his vision on the “Secure Model City of the FutureTM” the first time years ago while being a young scientist at Nortel Networks in the 1970’s and 80’s. He was involved in the R&D of the world’s first broadband smart home solutions based on direct fiber optic access and CATV communications as alternatives. The seeds of his pioneering work in this subject matured further while being the chief scientist of Philips Research in the late 1980’s. He became a key contributor to the EIA (now CEA) Smart House activities.

Arpad is also one of the inventors of the HDTV while being Chief Scientist at Philips Research . In 1987 he authored and published the first paper worldwide on a hierarchical, scalable multi-resolution digital video system structure that led to the definition of the MPEG TV standard family, including MPEG-2 HDTV standard, and motion JPEG. In the 1990's, he continued his research efforts at Kodak as the
Chief Digital Imaging Architect at the Kodak R&D Center and later as Executive Director . Under his leadership, more than two dozens of Internet-enabled digital networked imaging patents were created at Kodak for the professional, medical, and consumer imaging fields. For his innovative work, Arpad was awarded as “Lifetime Member” of the famed Kodak Research Scientific Council that has its origin back to the years of George Eastman founder of Kodak.

Throughout his career, Arpad has also held a variety of executive positions with leading public and private sector technology companies. He was co-founder and senior vice president of a wireless data solutions startup firm in Washington D.C. (Inciscent), a spin-off from Us Mobility (formerly MetroCall); cofounder of Alacera International, a startup in homeland and physical security protection for smart cities of the future; served at Circuit City as Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President to bring new technology-driven products to the consumer market (e.g., TIVO, HDTV); was Chief Imaging Architect and Executive Director of Eastman Kodak; and Chief Scientist – HDTV at Philips. He is a scientist, inventor and business executive, contributing to the formulation of fundamental patents for HDTV systems, online networked imaging solutions, and broadband telecommunications including ISDN, broadband-ATM and SONET. During his career, he has created numerous highly successful businesses.

Arpad concluded his PhD studies (without degree) and holds an MSEE in telecommunications, both from the University of Toronto. He earned a Master of Management degree from the Technical University of Budapest and his EE Telecommunications degree from the same university (Summa Cum Laude). He completed executive management programs at Harvard University and the Chief Security Officers management program at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.


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