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Laszlo Horvath presenting at the IVSZ conference in Siofok, Hungary, on September 9, 2005.

The US is the third largest foreign investor in Hungary with over 9 billion dollars. The US is Hungary's 6th or 7th trading partner (AmCham Hungary, 2005) and there are about 500 US companies in Hungary today.
AHEC / Fredericksburg Regional Alliance cooperation: AHEC was assisting Mr Gene Bailey’s business development visit to Hungary on Nov 20 -22.  Mr Bailey met with our members and other business leaders interested in entering the US market.
During his trip to Budapest, Mr Gene Bailey was meeting with the following 11 Hungarian companies:

AAM Technologies Kft.
Arvato-Systems Kft.
Brit-Tech Kft.
Eastron Kft.
FreeSoft Rt.
FreeSoft Rt.
Gamaxcom Kft.
Régens Rt.
Szenzor Kft.

Can Europe Still Compete in Technology?
November 14, 2005
From (Topic: Innovation)
The future of Europe is often forgotten amidst the American focus on competing with China. But European competitiveness in global technology was a main focus at last month's sixteenth annual European Technology Roundtable, in Athens, Greece-- and the messages of the three-day CEO gathering were decidedly mixed.
Colin Powell and Arpad Toth on the ASIS International Seminar. September, 2005
Hungary’s ICT Sector (pdf)
by Amanda Rivkin, Economic Section, U.S. Embassy, Budapest, Hungary
Sept 14, 2005
(Chantilly, Va.) Chantilly-based GTSI, a provider of information technology to the government, said on Wednesday that it has promoted Arpad Toth to the role of chief technologist of its Enterprise Technology Practices. Toth was hired by GTSI in July 2003 to explore IT technology- driven business opportunities for the company... Read the full article.
June 22, 2005

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