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Summer 2012 - Hungarian Birthright Program
a unique cultural immersion experience 

Proud of your Hungarian heritage and want to experience it in a meaningful, unique and fresh way? Explore your heritage and discover the Hungary of today...   and connect to other young Americans and Hungarians!  

Join other young Americans for a fun-filled and eye-opening experience of your culture, traditions and history while exploring the country.   See first-hand the trends, innovations and ingenuity driving Hungary today.

What you need to know

  • any Hungarian ancestry
  • for ages 18-26
  • two-week trip, August 10-26, 2012
  • sponsored donations limit your expenses to $1,000
Hint for Parents and Grandparents: the perfect graduation or milestone gift to discover roots and community in Hungary. Your heritage for a lifetime.

To learn more and apply, visit :

May 26-June 1 - Hungary/Croatia Exhibition Series - Southern California
May 26 - USA vs. Croatia 6pm - Newport Harbor HS - Newport Beach, CA
May 27 - USA vs. Hungary 12pm - Newport Harbor HS - Newport Beach, CA
May 28 - Croatia vs. Hungary 5pm - Newport Harbor HS - Newport Beach, CA
May 31 - USA vs. Hungary 7pm - UCLA - Los Angeles, CA
June 1 - USA. vs. Croatia 7pm - Rose Bowl Aquatics Center - Pasadena, CA
Visit USA Water Polo for more info

Spring 2012 - AHEC Newsletter is available

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March 21, 2012 - Endre Szemerédi Wins Norwegian Abel Prize in Mathematics
A Hungarian scientist has been awarded with the Abel Prize, considered to be the Nobel-prize for mathematics. It was announced in Oslo at noon today. Endre Szemerédi mathematician, professor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics has been given this prestigious award this year. Given annually to one of the most outstanding mathematicians in the world, the prize is a recognition of world-renowned Hungarian mathematical traditions.
The Able Prize website

March 11, 2012 - INVITATION / MEGHÍVÓ 1848-as szabadságharc emlékére rendezett ünnepélyére
Celebrating Hungary's National Day
Embassy of Hungary Washington DC Celebrates the 1848 Hungarian Revolution
Sunday, March 11, 2012, 3PM
Kay Spiritual Center
The American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue Washington, D.C.
[ read more ]

March 12, 2012 - Sping Networking Lunch of the Hungarian American Chamber of Commerce in the US
SRING NETWORKING LUNCH, Hungarian American Chamber Of Commerce, In The Us Inc.,
Please join us to welcome a delegation of Hungarian Doctors attending a Conference In California, and to hear an informal Presentation By Dr. Zoltan Szabo, Ph.D, F.I.C.S.
Dr. Szabo is a San Francisco resident, who will share his experience and insight after 20 years of teaching at various prestigious institutions, including the University of Szeged.

ORACLE PLAZA RESTAURANT, at Oracle Corporation,
10 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, California, @ Lagoon Drive,
It is cafeteria style, but please RSVP.
RSVP , or Eva Voisin, , 650.573.7351

January 8, 2012 - Rare Archive Photos of Hungary
Please download to see Fortepan Archivum PowerPoint Slideshow

December 22, 2011 - Kellemes karácsonyi ünnepeket, egészségben, jócselekedetekben gazdag boldog új esztendot kíván a KÜRT Zrt. minden dolgozója!

A KÜRT az elmúlt években jótékony célra fordította a karácsonyi ajándékozásra szánt pénzügyi keretét. Idén ennél tovább mentünk. A tavaly kiválasztott alapítvány boldogulását egész évben segítettük mind forintokkal, mind munkatársaink önkéntes munkájával.

Ennek is köszönhetoen már 10 hátrányos helyzetu általános iskolában muködik a H2O Program. A H2O Program célja a hátrányos helyzet végleges megszüntetése, a hátrányos helyzetu iskolák elonyös helyzetuvé alakítása speciális oktatási módszertan segítségével.

Támogassa a H2O Programot, melynek pénzeit a

Digitális Esélyegyenloség Kiemelten Közhasznú Alapítvány kezeli ERSTE BANK Számlaszám: 11600006-00000000-43730841

December 21, 2011 - Indul a Duna World!
2012. január 1-jétol friss, dinamikus musorstruktúrával várja a tengerentúli és kárpát-medencei nézoket a korábbi Duna2. Az új Duna World csatorna változatlan vételi paraméterek mellett, megszakítás nélkül fogható továbbra is.
Bovebb a változásokról >>>

December 2, 2011 - Invitation to a discussion with H.E. Pal Schmitt, President of the Republic of Hungary
Why A Europe Whole and Free Still Matters: A Central European Perspective

2:15 PM - 3:45 PM Friday, December 2, 2011
Kenney Auditorium The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036

November 11 , 2011 Godollo, Hungary - Team Puli Space – Hungarian space robot to the Moon!
Puli Space Technologies cordially invite you and your associates for a reception and project demonstration.

3 PM on Friday, November 11, 2011
Godollo Industrial Park
Pattantyus Abraham krt. 2, Godollo 2100, Hungary

October 1, 2011 - AHEC Fall meeting Budapest, Hungary

2:00 – 3:30 PM on Saturday, October 1 at the Gellert Hotel Kavezo

New member introductions
Business update of individual members (Darwin USA, Taboo,)
Upcoming all expenses paid trips to China
Collecting membership fees
Setting up one on one meetings for Sunday, October 2 as necessary


"Everything 2.0” – A special perspective from Hungarian IT on New Challengers and Old ChallengesReception with Sense/Net Inc. of Budapest, Hungary
PLEASE JOIN members of the Hungarian-American Chamber of Commerce in the US

June 18 - 19, 2011 - AHEC RETREAT Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA

Please join us for a retreat to consider where AHEC has been and where it is going in the years ahead. Family members are welcome. The retreat is by Chesapeake Bay, one of the idyllic resting places of residents from Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA. Arpad and Agnes Toth will be the gracious hosts, for a fun-filled weekend at their vacation home in Wicomico Church, VA.


June 30- July 3, 2011- Global Summit of Hungarians Balatonlelle, Hungary
Four Days, Twelve locations, Over 100 Programs. The Global Summit of Hungarians will be recognized for the first time in Hungarian history. From all over the world, tens of thousands of participants will gather on a multi generational festival.
For details visit:

May 20, 2011 - Spring 2011 Newsletter is available

Download our latest PDF newsletter.

April 8, 2011
Scholarship Announcement from the Balassi Institute / Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice
The Balassi Institute is pleased to announce that we are now accepting scholarship applications for the 2011-2012 academic year. We ask that you please bring this to the attention of those who may wish to enroll in a Hungarian Studies and language development program for one year in Budapest ,Hungary.
For more information visit The Balassi Institute

April 6 , 2011
Nyelvében él a nemzet
We would like to acknowledge our honorary member Andrew Pohl. Please see Nyelvében él a nemzet slideshow

February 25, 2011
Goulash Populism Orbán needs to regain some of his former courage to revive Hungary's economy.
Read the full article in The Wall Street Journal here

February 21, 2011
Team Puli of Hungary in the Google Race Aside from Penn State Lunar Lions, the X Prize Foundation also announced seven new teams that were previously unknown. They include Mystical Moon of the U.S.A. and Space II of Israel, two teams trying to improve "scientific awareness," as well as Team Puli of Hungary, which comprises young professionals. More>>

February 14, 2011
Az eltitkolt dal Elvis Presley’s contribution to the 1956 revolution video here

February 13, 2011
Erdélyország az én hazám fesztivál Transylvanian festival read details here

January 2, 2011
Happy New Year! We would like to acknowledge our honorary member Andrew Pohl.
Please see BUEK-2011 slideshow

December 23, 2010 - Winter 2010 Newsletter is available

Download our latest PDF newsletter.

August 23 , 2010 - Newsweek ranks Hungary 33rd best place to live
Hungary is 33rd in the ranking of the world’s best 100 countries, a comprehensive list compiled by Newsweek that ranks the states in five categories (health, education, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment). Finland was crowned "Best country in the world", followed by Switzerland and Sweden. In regional comparison, Hungary is in the second third in the ranking.
Read the full article in Newsweeek

August 19 , 2010 - AHEC Meeting
AHEC held a pre-holiday meeting on August 19th at the Gellert Coffee Shop in Budapest with 15 participants. The membership agreed to hold our next meeting together with Premium Hungaricum in the Fall, Our Hungary based members have countless exciting projects that they will report to us in the near future, with our official AHEC Project in the main focus: the Google Lunar Challenge

August 19 , 2010
Meet our summer Intern, Viktor Nagy. He will be in touch with our members in Hungary on a regular basis. Viktor is studying in Hungary and Germany, and he is very enthusiastic about meeting as many members as he can, especially after the first meeting that he attended in person.

August 10 , 2010 - Correspondent's diary, Day three: Food for thought in Budapest
BUDAPEST is my favourite city in the region, which makes me all the crosser that it is so strikingly badly run: dirty, congested and ill-regulated. It is the only place built as a majestic capital metropolis and with surviving roots to its glory days. The setting is spectacular. The bridges are eyecatching. The parliament, national bank, ministries and university all look as if they were built to last by people with taste on a grand scale, and serious ambitions for the future.
Read the article in The Economist

July 21, 2010 - Summer 2010 Newsletter is available

Download our latest PDF newsletter.

June 14, 2010 Elevator Pitch Competition
New companies, original ideas. Read the article in HVG (Hungarian)

March 31, 2010 AHEC member Sandor Kurti
Sandor Kurti was thanked by the teachers and students of Illyés Gyula Gimnázium for his presentation. Please download the full letter Köszönet Kürt (World Document).

March 12, 2010 - Are you proud you’re Hungarian? Identify yourself on the 2010 census form!
" accurate count of the U.S. population forms the basis for many important but often overlooked political, economic, and social decisions that are made that end up affecting our daily lives." Please share this information with your friends and make sure that your clubs, organizations, and churches where Hungarian Americans congregate have copies of this notice. More>>

March 11, 2010 - 2009 Human Rights Report: Hungary
Hungary is a republic with a population of approximately 10 million and a multiparty parliamentary democracy. Legislative authority is vested in the unicameral parliament (National Assembly). The National Assembly elects the head of state, the president, five years. More>>

January 21, 2010 - Commonwealth of Virginia Business Presentation
By Mr. Matthias Duys, representative of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia , USA , in Brussels , Belgium

U.S. Commercial Service & American – Hungarian Business Relations
The presentation can be viewed with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. Download it here.

Virginia Economic Development Partnership
Commonwealth of Virginia Business Presentation (PowerPoint 10MB)

Press articles:

January 28 , 2010

Winter 2009-2010 AHEC newsletter is here.

March 4, 2009

Spring, 2009 AHEC newsletter is here.

January 17, 2009 - AHEC member Sandor Kurti
Interview In the Hungarian Television about Peter F. Ducker's new book; Daily Drucker.

Click on the picture to see the interview

December 4, 2008 - The U.S. Embassy is adding a new element to the flagship U.S. Fulbright international educational exchange program.
In consultation with the business community in Hungary and with international foundations, we are endeavoring to make the Fulbright program more relevant to the needs of today's Hungarian economy. We are going to the business community in Hungary in order to raise funds for this program that will try to accomplish the following: 1) send more Hungarians to the USA for higher education; 2) give companies and individuals who are interested in donating to the program a say in what fields of study will be pursued; 3) give companies in Hungary a chance to demonstrate good corporate responsibility by giving something of value back to the community that will benefit Hungary.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to donate funds to this program, please contact: the Office of Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy. 475-4292

November 12, 2008 - President László Sólyom handed over the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Merit of Republic of Hungary to our member Mr. George Elmer Pataki, former governor of the State of New York.

The President of the Republic of Hungary – on the proposal of the Prime Minister – handed over the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Merit of Republic of Hungary (civil division) to AHEC member Mr. George Elmer Pataki, former governor of the State of New York for the acknowledgement of his activity of keeping up and improving the Hungarian-American relationship, and for his support of the Hungarian communities in New York.

February 4, 2008 - Member Dr Julianna Lisziewicz’s company. Genetic Immunity is cementing its leadership position in AIDS treatment production
Read the article in HVG (Hungarian)


On the occasion of film director Istvan Szabó's seventieth birthday, the National Gallery of Art has scheduled a retrospective of his works, for February 9-March 2. Szabó will be present on the concluding weekend of the series (March 1-2) to introduce the programs. The retrospective includes the director's most widely acclaimed work alongside a... read more

December 3 , 2007 - First Annual Eurasia Business Platform Conference

Dear Eurasia Business Platform members,

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Eurasia Business Platform recently concluded the 1st Annual Eurasia Conference on “Growth Imperatives and Regional Responsibilities”. The program featured key speakers including Tom Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel, U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Turkish and Kazakhstani officials, and a number of leading experts from the business and think tank community. The network of Chamber affiliated American Chambers of Commerce from the region sent a delegation of 19 private sector members from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. In addition, the International Road Union’s (IRU) Moscow delegate participated in the Eurasia Conference. Read the full article. (pdf)

October 25, 2007 - Kurt was featured in the Financial Times
Read the article: "Kurt: Criminals give data experts their start". (pdf)

June 7, 2007 - New Security R&D Center In Cooperation Between the KÜRT Co, the Pannon University and the Alacera International

TSEC Institute – Hungary: international R&D cooperation, Hungarian university backing

June 7, 2007, Budapest – Under the name of TSEC Institute – Hungary a new security R&D center will be created by the KÜRT Co., the Pannon University and Alacera International. TSEC Institute will be funded by domestic and international investment capital. The purpose of the joint venture is to bring together world leading experts in one center from the private sector and the academia to work on advanced security technoloies and system solutions, applications and methodologies in all aspects of converged security protection. The agreement on the formation of TSEC Institute – Hungary was signed by the three founding partners. The Institute will begin its operation in the first half of 2008. Read more >>

Ferenc Friedler, Dr Sandor Kurti, Arpad Toth, Tom Kurti

May 31, 2007 - ActiveMedia is part of Virginia International Trade Alliance's (VITAL's) task force
ActiveMedia is proud to announce its participation in VITAL, a pioneering, strategic business development initiative of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Read more about VITAL (pdf)

May, 2007


Richard Boden, President/CEO of the Boden Group, believes in supporting an organization that provides programs which enhance the creative processes in young people. One such organization is the Sitar Arts Center, a community arts education and performance center offering after-school, Saturday and summer arts programs to Washington, D.C. inner-city residents of Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant, and Columbia Heights.
read more >

May, 2007


Shenandoah University’s Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business Entrepreneurship Program summer boot camp is now in its’ second year. The program is aimed at helping young entrepreneurs experience a one week rite of passage to business success.
read more >

March 6-8, 2007

World CEO Forum in Dubai

A group of DC-area CEOs and Executives joined 250+ CEOs from around the world at the World CEO Forum held on March 6-8 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Presenters included S. Tien Wong (CEO of Chevy Chase-based Opus8), who spoke on Investment Opportunities in China, and Laszlo Horvath (President of Great Falls-based ActiveMedia) who spoke on maximizing search engine marketing. Other delegates included Opus8 Managing Director Vivian Gu, private investors Jimmy Moshovitis and Jim Hunt, China trade expert Bart Fisher, Esq.,and telecom exec Paul Neuner. While in Dubai, the group met up with 2 other Washingtonians: Marsha Ralls of The Ralls Collection, who was holding an exhibit in Dubai, and Tim Trifilo, PWC Partner who was in town on other business. As a whole the group was impressed with the growth, optimism, energy, ambition and pace of development in the region, which is trying to become a world-class tourist destination and financial services center. It's the Las Vegas of the Middle East. Dubai's emergence as a power center is further validated by Halliburton's recent announcement that they will relocate their corporate HQ to Dubai.

Taken in the Lobby of the 7-Star Burj-al-Arab hotel in Dubai. From Left to Right:

  • Jim Hunt, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University and private investor
  • Tien Wong, CEO of private investment firm Opus8 of Chevy Chase
  • Peggy Ledvina, Vice President of Bernstein Management in DC
  • Joy Bullock , former Washingtonian now living in Dubai
  • Jimmy Moshovitis, DC-based private investor
  • Vivian Gu, Managing Director of Opus8
  • Paul Neuner, Telecom Executive and business partner of Jim Hunt's
  • Laszlo Horvath, President of ActiveMedia of Great Falls

January, 2007

Back to Socialism in Central Europe

Central Europe's four-pack of liberated former Soviet colonies -- Poland , Hungary , Slovakia and the Czech Republic -- have been drifting away from free markets and democracy and back toward socialism and authoritarianism.
read more >

January 2007


On Thursday-Saturday, February 15-17, 2007, Bard College will host an unusual celebration of the Hungarian Revolution. Further information on the reunion and conference is available at:

December, 2006

CSIS Report . Economic Development and Investment Promotion in Southeast Europe .
This publication is the culmination of a project aimed to help accelerate the pace of public and private sector efforts toward overcoming the residual obstacles to regional cooperation and economic development in the West Balkans.
(Download the CSIS Report in PDF format 636KB)

December, 2006

Dr Sandor Kurti has been selected by university students as on of the top 50 most influential Hungarians

November, 2006

Looking for Business Partners

Business intention: Handover and vendition of construction and method for boot and shoe factories.

Albany, October 10, 2006

Governor George Pataki of New York met with AHEC members Dr Sandor Kurti, Laszlo Horvath and others who enjoyed learning about the Pataki family’s traditions, including a love of Hungarian history and wine making.

October 2006

After three years of service, Arpad Toth chief technologist of GTSI left the company in September 2006 to dedicate his full-time attention in building a new company ALACERA International. At GTSI, Arpad helped the company in new strategic directions and spearheaded ways to make technology a differentiator for GTSI. He brought together many of the industry's best and brightest to create the first of a kind physical security group: the InteGuard Alliance. This group helped form the original backbone of GTSI's physical security business. Arpad was the chairman of the GTSI Technology Council, a recognized spokesman for the company by actively participating in forums as a speaker and as a “good quote” with the media.

Arpad became chairman and CEO of Alacera International, a firm focused on providing a wide range of customized security protection solutions and services to nations located in the Persian Gulf, Middle East, North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and also in North America . This tremendous opportunity will provide Arpad with the ability to fully exploit his long standing interest in developing his vision the “ Secure Model City of the Future” where citizens and government harness the capabilities of technology to insulate themselves from both physical and cyber threats. The team Arpad has assembled is impressive and their Board of Advisors is among the giants in global security expertise.

August 2006.

AHEC Hungary members Dr.Katalin Nagy and Balazs Szekfu presented the honorable Herbert Walker III, US ambassador to Hungary in the past three years with his honorary membership, recognizing his valuable contributions to US – Hungarian economic relations.  Ambassador Walker has been a great supporter of the American Hungarian business community.

February 16, 2006

Kürt to build better data protection
Hungary's Kürt Rt, a company that specializes in IT data recovery and data protection, and the University of Veszprém have launched a Ft 378 million project to develop a method of data protection new to Europe, Kurt CEO Sándor Kürti said yesterday. The project will work to create a so-called Integrated Security Center which will secure data with physical, logical and human safeguards. The system will also be able to respond to unauthorized entry or theft and alert administrators. (Nb 15)
January 24, 2006

Darien, Conn. -- Jupitermedia, a Darien-based provider of information, images and research for information technology, business and creative services markets, has acquired a 49.7% interest in HAAP Media, a Hungary- based operator of two stock photo related web sites, Stock.xchng and Jupitermedia said that Stock.xchng is one of the largest stock photo community web sites in the world, with over 25 million page views monthly and over 500,000 registered users. Photos cannot be purchased from the site, but users are linked to sister site, where stock photos can be purchased for as low as $1.00 per image. Both sites are published in the English language. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Read the entire article

American-Hungarian Executive Circle

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