Winter 2003

February 28, 2003
Noon to 1:30 pm
Williams Mullen
1666 K Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC



1. Introduction of attendees
2. Update on HTEC Project
3. Spring Conference w/ITDH
4. Think Tank Development
5. Biotech Activities




b. 270Tech


c. Other interests
6. Group Outreach


a. AH Foundation/GW Awards


b. Other Groups
7 . Adopt-a-Group: Cserkesz?


Hungarian Technology Enterprise Center (HTEC)

Last year, AHEC proposed to the Hungarian Government a project to attract SME Hungarian businesses to the United States, and support them in competing in U.S. markets. There is particular interest in technology companies in the following areas:

  • Homeland security, antiterrorism and bio-terrorism prevention;
  • End-to-end broadband wired and wireless communications; and
  • Military electronics in C4 (wired and wireless communications, command, control, computing).

AHEC, teaming up with the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance, is fleshing out its proposal, the second phase of which will involve attracting SME U.S. businesses to Hungary. You can help in many ways. HTEC will undertake a fundraising effort, and we are trying to identify other groups (not necessarily Hungarian) before which HTEC may make fundraising and other presentations. If you have ties to groups which may be interested, please notify any of the AHEC Board Members. Other ways in which you may become involved:

  1. Do you know a Hungarian business well suited to compete in the US?
  2. Are you aware of a U.S. business well suited to compete in Hungary?
  3. Do you have suggestions on prospective staff members for an HTEC office in Washington, D.C. or Fredericksburg, VA (preferably, someone fluent in Hungarian)?

We encourage anyone with specific ideas about the project to notify the AHEC Board, so that we may get you further involved in the HTEC project as soon as possible.


It is always nice to learn about AHEC related referrals. In January, a Williams Mullen client was seeking intellectual property protection for a wireless telecommunications product in Hungary. Mike Geroe was pleased to be able to refer the matter to Michael Lantos of Danubia. Danubia is one of the premier intellectual property service providers in Hungary. Williams Mullen is a full service law firm based in Virginia.

If you are aware of a referral made between AHEC members, please notify AHEC for placement of the matter in an upcoming newsletter. Note that some AHEC members pay fees for referrals.


HTEC grew out of a proposal developed in AHEC meetings. Do you have suggestions for a specific project that AHEC may undertake? Speak out!




American-Hungarian Executive Circle

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